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Assembly Capacity & Capabilities With Existing Setup

  • SMD Assembly – Fine Pitch QFP/QFN/BGA components, 0603 size chip components in production.

     Present Capacity – 200000 comp./ day
     Spare Capacity as on today – 50K components
  • BGA Assembly with inspection / X-ray

  • Through-hole Assembly – Separate line for Tin-Lead & ROHS

     Capacity – 1500 PCB’s day
     Spare capacity as on today – 500 PCB’s per day
  • Mixed Assemblies – SMT + Discrete Double-sided SMT assembly.

  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly – System or Subsystem level assembly and integration of

  • Customized Testing – EOL Testing as per customer requirements to suit the product and applications

EOL Testing:

  • Team of 10 Engineers for testing of customized products.
  • Dedicated EOL test setups for products.
  • DC Power supplies, DMM, Oscilloscope, and Variac available for testing.
  • LCR bridge for Impedance checking.
  • EV Lighting – PCB Level Products.
  • Separate test area for industrial products

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